Schweizerische Vereinigung für Kleintiermedizin
Association Suisse pour la Médecine des petits Animaux
Associazione Svizzera per la Medicina dei Piccoli Animali
Swiss Association for Small Animal Medicine

41st World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress taking place September 27-30, 2016 in Cartagena, Colombia

Early Registration Deadline: June 1, 2016

Dear WSAVA Member & Colleague,

During our last Congress, the WSAVA Community came together in solidarity against animal pain. This solidarity was also extended to the campaign against the rescheduling of ketamine, which in essence was an initiative by some countries to internationally reschedule ketamine by the UN Convention on Narcotic Drugs at its upcoming March 14 meeting in Vienna. If this were to go forward, it would effectively eliminate ketamine use in veterinary medicine and have significant animal welfare ramifications. Please see more information on the WSAVA website at 

The WSAVA has initiated an online petition against the international rescheduling of ketamine at:

  • Scratching cats
  • Recurrent flank alopecia in dogs
  • Collapsed lungs
  • A sight for sore eyes

latest EJCAP issue

As you know, in Latvia there is an emerging disease in dogs; a markedly increased incidence of megaesophagus (ME) causing suffering and death in many animals.  The Latvian Association of Small Animal Practitioners (LSAPS)  is kindly requesting your help concerning any information about the possibility of a similar increase of ME in dogs in other countries.

In March 2015 the Latvian Association of Small Animal Practitioners (LSAPS) asked FECAVA to distribute information about the increased number of megaesophagus (ME) cases in Latvia and to report back to us if any similar increases  have been observed in their countries.  Thus far, FECAVA has responded  that no other countries have identified or reported on an increase of ME in Europe.